A Rescue Dog’s Wisdom – Adult life Fact #3

That rescue greyhound undid me. I started crying. Her joy of having a yard to race around in, that I came down the stairs so early in the morning and gave her a pad. That I had some attention to spare.
After hanging out with Daisy, suddenly pain welled up in me, I knelt next to her and tears began to flow.  Continue reading “A Rescue Dog’s Wisdom – Adult life Fact #3”


Poem: Light is my Currency

Greatness wants to emerge –
Slowly, growing towards the Light.
And what fear can stop it?

Love is on its way to experience itself.
Like an avalanche of souls.
Inevitable the healing, the wholeness. Continue reading “Poem: Light is my Currency”

The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1

 “You can have a horrible childhood and still be happy.”  

I am not saying that we humans don’t need healing after trauma occurred, after abuse took place, after injustices have been experienced. I am not saying we shouldn’t scream for help, and often need to do so for a long time, before we can see changes, feel better and move in peace and upliftment.

But what I am saying is that the asking for it, the longing itself is the signpost that Continue reading “The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1”

Disengage! Disengage! or How to deal with extreme Emotions and Learn from them

Ever raged in fury, fumed like a steam train and exploded? Ever cried uncontrollably for days and weeks and felt like the grief will swallow you like a hole? Sure, it is satisfying to vent and is feels like a relief to cry where there are deeply hurt feelings. I know all too well. Been there, done that.

However, after a while, if we do not move on, Continue reading “Disengage! Disengage! or How to deal with extreme Emotions and Learn from them”

Parable: The Face of Love

I overheard this conversation accidentally and since then I wasn’t the same anymore.

Maybe it wasn’t an accident after all, being at that hour in that garden.

I once walked in a spring garden, in the early morning hours, when the day is yet gray, hazy and undecided. The dew had wet my bare feet and hem, and even the birds were still too sleepy to greet me when I heard whispering. Continue reading “Parable: The Face of Love”

My Daughter’s Voice & Wings

So what is our legacy as mothers? What is the lesson that I learned after being a Mom for over 11 years?

A while back I was part of a class outing with the kids and all parents and we walked through Continue reading “My Daughter’s Voice & Wings”

How to find Happiness or the Difference between your Purpose and Mission in Life

Remember the quote ‘Follow Your Bliss’ by Joseph Campbell? It basically means in order for you to be happy you would need to know what your bliss is, what you want and what excites you and how it expresses itself for you, and then how to actually pursue it.

That’s a big ask, to know what we want adn to pursue it, but a good one. Broadly interpreted for this article ‘Follow your Bliss’ means to Continue reading “How to find Happiness or the Difference between your Purpose and Mission in Life”

Pastel Crayons on Canvas: A Woman’s Wisdom

30cm x 30cm

 A Woman’s Wisdom

In the dark hours we women have shown

our resilience, our resourcefulness, our courage.

We know when to be quiet and when to scream.  Continue reading “Pastel Crayons on Canvas: A Woman’s Wisdom”

Shortstory: How to Find Your Bag of Wisdom

When I was a young man I thought I knew all and nothing- at the same time. Until I met an old merchant, outside the city walls. He carried a heavy pouch and after I brought him some water from the well he opened his leather bag for me. Continue reading “Shortstory: How to Find Your Bag of Wisdom”

Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts

I wrote this short story for my daughter many years go…  

Early one morning, the rooster had not yet found its crow, a girl, seven years young, woke and where there just yesterday had been a floor next to her bed, there now grew a tree. The massive tree and its roots took up all the space in her room and when she stared up its trunk, it reached high, through the roof, straight up into the sky.

She rubbed her eyes but it did not help. The tree was still there. Where did it come from and where did it go? It was not a normal tree, you see. And our girl knew this straight away. So she grabbed her  Continue reading “Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts”