Mango Pomegranate Ice Cream w/ Kiwi Sauce

It’s mango season, at least in my part of the world of Australia, NSW. I have 4 trees around my house and they go ‘nuts’, hanging so low with mangos that even toddlers would have access to them. What a yellow sweet, juicy and sticky delight! Anyway, this raw mango ice cream I created a few years back when I still gave raw, vegan cooking classes and it was Christmas. I thought it’s a great time to share it with you no matter what the season. Continue reading “Mango Pomegranate Ice Cream w/ Kiwi Sauce”


The 5 Best VEGAN Breakfasts Countdown

We all sometimes need inspiration and a refresher of what to have for brekkie from time to time… here are my five super duper vegan Brekkie recommendations and recipes. Vegan smoothies, pancakes, waffles, your own made buckwheat crunch muesli, and more. All easy and flexible! Continue reading “The 5 Best VEGAN Breakfasts Countdown”

Vegan, GF & Addictive: Caramel Apple Butter


If you make this recipe in your slow cooker, you will want to lay in it after a few hours. The wait for it isn’t only worth it but announces itself for hours and hours. Your entire house will smell for apples, cinnamon, and caramel. Anyway, thank me later, for now, get peeling on those apples :-D. Continue reading “Vegan, GF & Addictive: Caramel Apple Butter”

Vegan Lentil Meatballs, Italian Style

My cafe customers could hardly tell the difference between real mince meatballs and these delicious vegan babies, so I hope you won’t either.

The secret lies in a few simple ingredients most vegans have in their pantry. And I always have spaghetti and an organic pasta sauce at home to complete the meal. YUUUUUMMMMMMMM! Continue reading “Vegan Lentil Meatballs, Italian Style”

Vegan: Best One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes!

Want fluffy & flavour? Want fast? Want ‘oh, that’s vegan?’ Well, then those one bowl vegan chocolate cupcakes are for you.Another hit in my little country cafe I ran for two years, where I usually doubled the amount and froze some for later. Continue reading “Vegan: Best One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes!”

Vegan & German: How to bake Traditional Bretzels

Bretzels are German, and Germany is a Bretzel? Hm, well not quite, but Bretzels in Germany are really, really written with a ‘B’, believe me, so please let’s keep it that way and try not to copy the American copycats and call it Pretzel. I’ve had heaps of discussions in my country cafe I ran for two years and I’m still a bit inflexible about that (rather German like, hehe). Continue reading “Vegan & German: How to bake Traditional Bretzels”