Vegan, GF & Addictive: Caramel Apple Butter


If you make this recipe in your slow cooker, you will want to lay in it after a few hours. The wait for it isn’t only worth it but announces itself for hours and hours. Your entire house will smell for apples, cinnamon, and caramel. Anyway, thank me later, for now, get peeling on those apples :-D. Continue reading “Vegan, GF & Addictive: Caramel Apple Butter”


German Waffle Recipe – Best Breakfast in the World

In our house on Sundays there is a law: It’s either waffles for breakfast, or waffles, or waffles. When I sold waffles professionally in my country cafe I had always a lot of success with them. Here is my very simple recipe…   Continue reading “German Waffle Recipe – Best Breakfast in the World”