Poem: He Sings Me Into Being

You want to know about my God? He can’t be known. He can’t be seen, Yet I am his music. His song lets my insides tremble.

My soft belly shakes and my breasts shiver in delight. My body flows and is moved by his rhythm. 

The world is dancing, drifting, as my eyes see foreign lands, realms of sound and touch, of speed and light. They are offered to me. I am its only queen. Continue reading “Poem: He Sings Me Into Being”


7 Soulmate Myths busted: Relationships under the Microscope

Myth #1: Everyone has one Soul mate, and if you can’t find him/her you’re doomed in the ‘true love’ department  Hmmm, first of all, what’s a soul mate, then secondly, why only one? Who decided that?

The common belief of the twin flame, Continue reading “7 Soulmate Myths busted: Relationships under the Microscope”