Self-Love 101 #5: Accepting My Hearts Desires

For a few minutes today I dedicate my attention to my desires, which I carry in the stillness of me, always present, always patiently waiting.

Today I fully accept them as my desires. Every single one is justified and allowed. I am not making one need or want wrong, or compare it to anyone else.

Just for this moment, I allow Continue reading “Self-Love 101 #5: Accepting My Hearts Desires”


Self-Love 101 #4 – How I learned to be Selfish

Give, give, give. Raised a good, obedient girl and devoted Christian I learned from a very young age on to give, to give up on my needs to devote myself to others. It was rather extreme to the degree where I had completely lost myself, exhausted and confused. Even I saw that Continue reading “Self-Love 101 #4 – How I learned to be Selfish”

Poem: Face the Fire’s Truth

Here’s the end of the road, my friend. I’m glad you came. 

You fought for and against everything, losing your pride. 

With fires in your back, and the face to the wall, 

Where will you turn now, where will you hide?  Continue reading “Poem: Face the Fire’s Truth”

How I love to grow beyond my trauma, and other legal drugs…

I like change, always have. I am weird that way, I guess, given that most people like things as they are, try to stay in their comfort zone hating change. Well, I am different. If my life doesn’t change every 1-2 years I am getting bored. And with bored I mean depressed.

I feel stuck and pinned down, get restless and gloomy. I usually feel empty and need to find a release, which explains my Continue reading “How I love to grow beyond my trauma, and other legal drugs…”

Self-Love 101 #2 – My Body or the appreciated Avatar

Our bodies are our vessels so we’re able to experience this life on earth as woman, as man. It truly is an amazing adventure to be human. What a ride! These bodies are so complex, delicate, beautiful and in need of being treated with the utmost respect. Continue reading “Self-Love 101 #2 – My Body or the appreciated Avatar”

Self Love 101 #1 Flowers for Yourself

Today we’re loving ourselves that much that we’ll buy ourselves beautiful flowers. The ones we always walk by and usually don’t buy but hope that somebody might get us. If a single flower or a bunch: whatever you feel attracted to and your budget allows. We are conscious about this act of love and acknowledgment while we are doing it. Continue reading “Self Love 101 #1 Flowers for Yourself”

Having Trouble with Family? 3 Family Myths Busted!


Myth #1: Family comes first. Family is Everything.

Have you heard of the term Blood runs thicker than water? It means that, in general, family counts more than friends. It’s more important than anyone else. Which I find is an odd way to define affection, affinity and love. Who made that rule?

Love is love, and whoever you feel connected to, whomever you love is part of your family. There shouldn’t be a scale of who deserves our love more than others. Or who should love us the most? Yet, we do have that scale.

Don’t we all believe that our parents should love us, no matter what, and of course, more than all the people in the world?  Continue reading “Having Trouble with Family? 3 Family Myths Busted!”