Is accessing our Memories actual Time Travel?

Fancying the 1800’s, the 60’s or 2057? I am certainly not the only one who dreams of time travel and ponders all its possibilities. However, the one thing I am often thinking about (nerd that I am) is, do we time travel regularly and don’t know about it? For example, by remembering our past, do we activate a part of our brain, or actually visit the past? Or maybe both at the same time? Continue reading “Is accessing our Memories actual Time Travel?”


10 Weird Things Your Body does AFTER you die!

Let’s just say, death isn’t pretty… Besides it being so deadly, and final, and one of the largest mysteries on earth, it is the final frontier. We can’t really research it unless we ‘go there’ and usually, we do not come back, but on this side of the veil death shows its bizarre face, and I find it worth a countdown.

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