To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2

Your parents are not responsible for making you happy 

The simplest task of a parent is to basically Not kill their kids, to say it dramatically, and with a wink, right? Their primary functions seem to include feeding and clothing their children, to keep them healthy and safe, so they can grow up into an adult without much physical damage. Then you say: what about the child’s Continue reading “To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2”


Poem: He Sings Me Into Being

You want to know about my God? He can’t be known. He can’t be seen, Yet I am his music. His song lets my insides tremble.

My soft belly shakes and my breasts shiver in delight. My body flows and is moved by his rhythm. 

The world is dancing, drifting, as my eyes see foreign lands, realms of sound and touch, of speed and light. They are offered to me. I am its only queen. Continue reading “Poem: He Sings Me Into Being”

Movie Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

From the moment I saw the trailer the the Adventure/comedy/drama I knew the NZ Indi $4 million dollar production would be a funny family movie. Having had to convince my daughter to come with me, I was wrong. It is HILARIOUS! And all she does now is quoting the movie. I mean constantly. And thanks to the fantastic script most of our insider jokes had an upgrade. Continue reading “Movie Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople”

Parable: The Face of Love

I overheard this conversation accidentally and since then I wasn’t the same anymore.

Maybe it wasn’t an accident after all, being at that hour in that garden.

I once walked in a spring garden, in the early morning hours, when the day is yet gray, hazy and undecided. The dew had wet my bare feet and hem, and even the birds were still too sleepy to greet me when I heard whispering. Continue reading “Parable: The Face of Love”

The Pink Cow – or How to be You among 7 Billions – PART 1

Ever been scared of being yourself in a crowd, showing how you feel in a conversation, or speaking your truth when with friends, risking an argument? Sometimes it costs a lot to say it like it is, right? We all have been there. To agree and to disagree is part of human nature and relationships. To sometimes go with the flow and sometimes to swim against it. Continue reading “The Pink Cow – or How to be You among 7 Billions – PART 1”

Having Trouble with Family? 3 Family Myths Busted!


Myth #1: Family comes first. Family is Everything.

Have you heard of the term Blood runs thicker than water? It means that, in general, family counts more than friends. It’s more important than anyone else. Which I find is an odd way to define affection, affinity and love. Who made that rule?

Love is love, and whoever you feel connected to, whomever you love is part of your family. There shouldn’t be a scale of who deserves our love more than others. Or who should love us the most? Yet, we do have that scale.

Don’t we all believe that our parents should love us, no matter what, and of course, more than all the people in the world?  Continue reading “Having Trouble with Family? 3 Family Myths Busted!”