Mango Pomegranate Ice Cream w/ Kiwi Sauce

It’s mango season, at least in my part of the world of Australia, NSW. I have 4 trees around my house and they go ‘nuts’, hanging so low with mangos that even toddlers would have access to them. What a yellow sweet, juicy and sticky delight! Anyway, this raw mango ice cream I created a few years back when I still gave raw, vegan cooking classes and it was Christmas. I thought it’s a great time to share it with you no matter what the season. Continue reading “Mango Pomegranate Ice Cream w/ Kiwi Sauce”


Marvelous Eggs: 6 good Reasons to eat them & 2 Awesome Recipes

My personal go-to superfood, especially the organic local eggs I get from my friend’s chooks (bless them).

I love eggs because they taste awesome, are super versatile and so beneficial for the health and filling up. Also, we Europeans have a knack to make savory and sweet dishes with eggs for hundreds of years now and below I share two of my favorites. Continue reading “Marvelous Eggs: 6 good Reasons to eat them & 2 Awesome Recipes”

German Waffle Recipe – Best Breakfast in the World

In our house on Sundays there is a law: It’s either waffles for breakfast, or waffles, or waffles. When I sold waffles professionally in my country cafe I had always a lot of success with them. Here is my very simple recipe…   Continue reading “German Waffle Recipe – Best Breakfast in the World”

RED VELVET DREAM 1: My Vintage Wedding Cake Recipe


RED VELVET FOR PRESIDENT… Well, I love baking. Always have, since I was a kid. And I love being creative. So of course I love baking for friends, and this cake I am sharing here is the wedding cake I made for my good friend (and copy editor) Amy in May 2016 for her vintage wedding.

It is a Red Velvet Cake layered and frosted with a 

Continue reading “RED VELVET DREAM 1: My Vintage Wedding Cake Recipe”