Writers: Why we’re the Voldamorts of the Suburbs

The scar-faced brute tortures the scrawny man hanging upside down in that dark bunker. His high pitched screams echo from the naked walls. Still, he has made up his mind. He won’t reveal the location of the little girl. Not even when the long knife digs into his skin, right above his navel, slowly carving through all layers of the epidermis to reach his… Continue reading “Writers: Why we’re the Voldamorts of the Suburbs”


To be a Writer…

The writers life is not a choice! It is a must, beyond a life style, a passion that drives life on for anyone who ever understood that words are alive, and ideas the countries we live in…

Sometimes I do not write for weeks, months or even years at the time but when the demons are after me there is no salvation: novels need to be written, poems cited and hard thoughts be thought.

Contemplation, solitude, and inspiration are  Continue reading “To be a Writer…”