A Rescue Dog’s Wisdom – Adult life Fact #3

That rescue greyhound undid me. I started crying. Her joy of having a yard to race around in, that I came down the stairs so early in the morning and gave her a pad. That I had some attention to spare.
After hanging out with Daisy, suddenly pain welled up in me, I knelt next to her and tears began to flow.  Continue reading “A Rescue Dog’s Wisdom – Adult life Fact #3”


The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1

 “You can have a horrible childhood and still be happy.”  

I am not saying that we humans don’t need healing after trauma occurred, after abuse took place, after injustices have been experienced. I am not saying we shouldn’t scream for help, and often need to do so for a long time, before we can see changes, feel better and move in peace and upliftment.

But what I am saying is that the asking for it, the longing itself is the signpost that Continue reading “The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1”

How to Grow a Heart after Heartbreak


Oh Oh Oh. That pain? Oh my. Heartbreak is a tough place, a tough time. Many of us know it, and some took longer to recover, others shorter. There’s no rule to how one feels after a separation and how long it takes to heal and be able to move on.

But the one rule I did come across was Continue reading “How to Grow a Heart after Heartbreak”