Poem: This is us!

Look into my eyes: This is us.
Everything else is change, my Love.

Feel my heart: This is eternal!
The rest is the world and its Seasons.

Walk with me a Life or two. Continue reading “Poem: This is us!”


Movie Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

From the moment I saw the trailer the the Adventure/comedy/drama I knew the NZ Indi $4 million dollar production would be a funny family movie. Having had to convince my daughter to come with me, I was wrong. It is HILARIOUS! And all she does now is quoting the movie. I mean constantly. And thanks to the fantastic script most of our insider jokes had an upgrade. Continue reading “Movie Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople”

Homecoming & Our Plastic Cemetery

‘Are you nuts?’ was one – ‘Aww, I want, too’ was the other extreme reaction. Still, undeterred, in 2014 we moved away from the city Brisbane to the lonely bush of the idyllic Northern Rivers in NSW, Australia. Why?

Let’s see. Well, who doesn’t love a good traffic jam,  Continue reading “Homecoming & Our Plastic Cemetery”