The Pink Cow – or How to be You among 7 Billions – PART 1

Ever been scared of being yourself in a crowd, showing how you feel in a conversation, or speaking your truth when with friends, risking an argument? Sometimes it costs a lot to say it like it is, right? We all have been there. To agree and to disagree is part of human nature and relationships. To sometimes go with the flow and sometimes to swim against it. Continue reading “The Pink Cow – or How to be You among 7 Billions – PART 1”


Poem: Greatness amidst the Ashes

Let me be a newborn again.

I am ready.

I want to conquer the world,

Desire new eyes and a canvas

Fresh, to be painted when

Darkness awaits me

bestowing glorious light.

Where all wise ones are with me,

And finders have walked this path.

I could be free, loving these chains…   Continue reading “Poem: Greatness amidst the Ashes”