To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2

Your parents are not responsible for making you happy 

The simplest task of a parent is to basically Not kill their kids, to say it dramatically, and with a wink, right? Their primary functions seem to include feeding and clothing their children, to keep them healthy and safe, so they can grow up into an adult without much physical damage. Then you say: what about the child’s Continue reading “To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2”


The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1

 “You can have a horrible childhood and still be happy.”  

I am not saying that we humans don’t need healing after trauma occurred, after abuse took place, after injustices have been experienced. I am not saying we shouldn’t scream for help, and often need to do so for a long time, before we can see changes, feel better and move in peace and upliftment.

But what I am saying is that the asking for it, the longing itself is the signpost that Continue reading “The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1”

How to find Happiness or the Difference between your Purpose and Mission in Life

Remember the quote ‘Follow Your Bliss’ by Joseph Campbell? It basically means in order for you to be happy you would need to know what your bliss is, what you want and what excites you and how it expresses itself for you, and then how to actually pursue it.

That’s a big ask, to know what we want adn to pursue it, but a good one. Broadly interpreted for this article ‘Follow your Bliss’ means to Continue reading “How to find Happiness or the Difference between your Purpose and Mission in Life”

We’re the Terminators or How to Hack a Hack

Faster, easier, bigger, better, or smaller? Our lifestyles are constantly aiming for simplification, for improvement. For convenience. All inventions in our society, from the wheel to the toilet to electricity to mobiles, all developments are dreamed up and invented to ease the load, to speed up our life and all involved processes, to strive for better ways and to make us healthier. Right? Continue reading “We’re the Terminators or How to Hack a Hack”