Writing Fantasy or Why Being Crazy is Normal

The dragons spit fire, the magicians defend the city, and the strange servant girl, no one suspected, discovers her powers. She is the chosen one. The magic swells, the spells rise, and the darkness spreads like poison. Is the kingdom of Tamar doomed?

Well, if you have read my other posts about writing you will know how Continue reading “Writing Fantasy or Why Being Crazy is Normal”


Movie Review: Assassin’s Creed

Alright. To say it upfront, I am not a big gamer (but sometimes wish to be), so I had no previous idea/conception of the story (except what the trailers gave away).

I loved the idea of our free will which in form of a blueprint genetic code could be stolen and controlled as a major threat but was not a fan of Read more…the religious, inquisitive elite chasing Continue reading “Movie Review: Assassin’s Creed”

Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts

I wrote this short story for my daughter many years go…  

Early one morning, the rooster had not yet found its crow, a girl, seven years young, woke and where there just yesterday had been a floor next to her bed, there now grew a tree. The massive tree and its roots took up all the space in her room and when she stared up its trunk, it reached high, through the roof, straight up into the sky.

She rubbed her eyes but it did not help. The tree was still there. Where did it come from and where did it go? It was not a normal tree, you see. And our girl knew this straight away. So she grabbed her  Continue reading “Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts”