Mango Pomegranate Ice Cream w/ Kiwi Sauce

It’s mango season, at least in my part of the world of Australia, NSW. I have 4 trees around my house and they go ‘nuts’, hanging so low with mangos that even toddlers would have access to them. What a yellow sweet, juicy and sticky delight! Anyway, this raw mango ice cream I created a few years back when I still gave raw, vegan cooking classes and it was Christmas. I thought it’s a great time to share it with you no matter what the season. Continue reading “Mango Pomegranate Ice Cream w/ Kiwi Sauce”


Glutenfree & Eggfree Cookies: Chocolate Hazelnut Chunk – Cafe Style


Glutenfree Cafe Style Cookies. Hmmm… I have mentioned in my other recipes that until recently I ran a cafe, and honest to cookie heaven, these were the bestseller.

They are scrumptious, smell awesome and are fast to make. Sure, they aren’t necessarily cheap, but more healthy than your usual cookies.

My batch makes around Continue reading “Glutenfree & Eggfree Cookies: Chocolate Hazelnut Chunk – Cafe Style”