Poem: Bury My Name

You can bury my name,
it will only feed the ground with its rage.

I am nothing, not even no one,
So toss the memory of me and swallow my breath.
Dive into my endless ocean,
embrace the air that’s me.   Continue reading “Poem: Bury My Name”


Pastel Crayons on Canvas: War, Love and Devotion (poem)

The others have left and went home. 

The trenches are empty, and with bleeding wounds and a parched throat, I see only smoke. And a woman.   Continue reading “Pastel Crayons on Canvas: War, Love and Devotion (poem)”

10 Weird Things Your Body does AFTER you die!

Let’s just say, death isn’t pretty… Besides it being so deadly, and final, and one of the largest mysteries on earth, it is the final frontier. We can’t really research it unless we ‘go there’ and usually, we do not come back, but on this side of the veil death shows its bizarre face, and I find it worth a countdown.

Continue reading “10 Weird Things Your Body does AFTER you die!”

Why I am not afraid to die

‘I am happy to go.’ When I express this openly, people stare at me as if I come from a different planet (which I probably do, haha).

I reckon it is not the ‘average’ attitude to ask ‘When can I leave?’ without actually being suicidal. Not at all. Continue reading “Why I am not afraid to die”

Poem: Greatness amidst the Ashes

Let me be a newborn again.

I am ready.

I want to conquer the world,

Desire new eyes and a canvas

Fresh, to be painted when

Darkness awaits me

bestowing glorious light.

Where all wise ones are with me,

And finders have walked this path.

I could be free, loving these chains…   Continue reading “Poem: Greatness amidst the Ashes”

Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts

I wrote this short story for my daughter many years go…  

Early one morning, the rooster had not yet found its crow, a girl, seven years young, woke and where there just yesterday had been a floor next to her bed, there now grew a tree. The massive tree and its roots took up all the space in her room and when she stared up its trunk, it reached high, through the roof, straight up into the sky.

She rubbed her eyes but it did not help. The tree was still there. Where did it come from and where did it go? It was not a normal tree, you see. And our girl knew this straight away. So she grabbed her  Continue reading “Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts”