List #2 – Funny Truths that Children & Adults learn

I am not sure where I got that list from, but sorting through old stacks of papers I found it in my handwriting. Its at least 10 years old, but feels still relevant. I especially like 2., 6. and 8. Continue reading “List #2 – Funny Truths that Children & Adults learn”


Conscious Parenting: Confessions of a Mum

Recently an acquaintance at the farmers market admitted to me that she doesn’t like children. “I am too lazy.” she said, and I agreed. “Sure, children are hard work. But without my kid this planet just doesn’t make any sense.” She made large eyes, speechless and I got the impression stating my honest truth rocked her world.

Well, when I wanted to be a mother (spur of the moment idiocy), and tried with my then husband, I instantly got pregnant. I practically ordered her on ebay. Continue reading “Conscious Parenting: Confessions of a Mum”