Self-Love 101 #3 – Music: Holiday for our Mind

Today, we listen to our favorite piece of music to create mindfulness…  

Isn’t it wonderful that music has the power to transform, to move and heal? In that spirit today we allow a favorite song to touch our being and relax into it. Our ears deserve listening to something our entire body enjoys. We receive the vibrations and the blessings of it and we get carried into different spheres, just for a while. We dream with all senses, and our mind is on holiday. The stress subsides. Not to accomplish anything but to Continue reading “Self-Love 101 #3 – Music: Holiday for our Mind”


Self-Love 101 #2 – My Body or the appreciated Avatar

Our bodies are our vessels so we’re able to experience this life on earth as woman, as man. It truly is an amazing adventure to be human. What a ride! These bodies are so complex, delicate, beautiful and in need of being treated with the utmost respect. Continue reading “Self-Love 101 #2 – My Body or the appreciated Avatar”

Self Love 101 #1 Flowers for Yourself

Today we’re loving ourselves that much that we’ll buy ourselves beautiful flowers. The ones we always walk by and usually don’t buy but hope that somebody might get us. If a single flower or a bunch: whatever you feel attracted to and your budget allows. We are conscious about this act of love and acknowledgment while we are doing it. Continue reading “Self Love 101 #1 Flowers for Yourself”