Mother’s Garden – Mixed Media Project

I made this collage/mixed media painting for my mother a few years back. She is a garden freak and loves flowers, and besides our rather tough Mother-daughter story, I have much love for her.  Continue reading “Mother’s Garden – Mixed Media Project”


Poem: Light is my Currency

Greatness wants to emerge –
Slowly, growing towards the Light.
And what fear can stop it?

Love is on its way to experience itself.
Like an avalanche of souls.
Inevitable the healing, the wholeness. Continue reading “Poem: Light is my Currency”

To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2

Your parents are not responsible for making you happy 

The simplest task of a parent is to basically Not kill their kids, to say it dramatically, and with a wink, right? Their primary functions seem to include feeding and clothing their children, to keep them healthy and safe, so they can grow up into an adult without much physical damage. Then you say: what about the child’s Continue reading “To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2”

Movie Review: True Memoirs of an International Assassin


As a writer, I thoroughly enjoyed this action comedy movie. It portrays an ‘ordinary’ writer who gets into trouble with his novel as his writing comes alive and his life brims of danger.

True Memoirs of an International Assassin mainly stars comedian and actor Kevin James, alongside Andy Garcia, and is directed by Jeff Wadlow, known for directing the action comedy Kick Ass 2.

The Story is simple Continue reading “Movie Review: True Memoirs of an International Assassin”

Night Tree – Acrylic Painting

The night tree blossoms in the dark,
and grows dreams.
Its branches hang low,
spreading a heavy scent, like jasmine.
And when its dreams are ripe
they drop,
like ideas,
or a soul.  Continue reading “Night Tree – Acrylic Painting”

Baking to Die for: Rich Chocolate Beetroot Mud Cake

This is certainly a special cake worthy of birthdays, engagements, parties or else. A. because it is sooo good, and b. it’s not cheap.

And in case you have never used vegetables in cakes, aka ‘moist-cake-makers’, do not worry! You won’t taste the beetroot. I promise. Continue reading “Baking to Die for: Rich Chocolate Beetroot Mud Cake”

The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1

 “You can have a horrible childhood and still be happy.”  

I am not saying that we humans don’t need healing after trauma occurred, after abuse took place, after injustices have been experienced. I am not saying we shouldn’t scream for help, and often need to do so for a long time, before we can see changes, feel better and move in peace and upliftment.

But what I am saying is that the asking for it, the longing itself is the signpost that Continue reading “The Scream for ‘More’ Adult Life Fact #1”

Poem: He Sings Me Into Being

You want to know about my God? He can’t be known. He can’t be seen, Yet I am his music. His song lets my insides tremble.

My soft belly shakes and my breasts shiver in delight. My body flows and is moved by his rhythm. 

The world is dancing, drifting, as my eyes see foreign lands, realms of sound and touch, of speed and light. They are offered to me. I am its only queen. Continue reading “Poem: He Sings Me Into Being”

Movie Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

From the moment I saw the trailer the the Adventure/comedy/drama I knew the NZ Indi $4 million dollar production would be a funny family movie. Having had to convince my daughter to come with me, I was wrong. It is HILARIOUS! And all she does now is quoting the movie. I mean constantly. And thanks to the fantastic script most of our insider jokes had an upgrade. Continue reading “Movie Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople”

Ink Spray Mixed Media: Birds greeting the Morning Sun

I love working with mixed media, acrylics, inks, sprays, stencils and stamps and although I’ve got more into Gelli printing over the years this was one is of my earlier spray ‘backgrounds’ for an art journal. Continue reading “Ink Spray Mixed Media: Birds greeting the Morning Sun”