The Darkling – Blurb


“It appears you and I are quickly becoming friends. With us trying to kill each other every other beat.” She said, sitting high up in her tree.

“Friends?” He growled. “Whatever we’ll become, you and I will never be friends.”

Iza, proud guardian fae to her forest, has only one goal: to grow that rare Red Seed hoping it reunites her with her missing mother.
Yarrek, a reckless warrior and among the darklings unique, left his clan to join the Grey Army to earn a name next to his brutish father. There he accepts a mission to Fae territory to return a Red Seed to the sick Empress.

From their first violent meeting Iza and Yarrek are drawn to one another’s enigma. Despite his attempt to kill her, sent to steal her seed, the two secretly meet. They have found their equals.

But fate plays a game of storms and the young lovers get caught up in it.

Yet the relentless empress finds out and when Iza is captured by comrade soldiers Yarrek frees her. He risks everything and betrays his entire mission. But the ruler does not give in. She threatens the darkling’s village and sends a powerful magi, a Wanderer.

Torn between his heart and his honour, will the darkling be the monster everyone says he is and steal Iza’s seed to save his village?

Does his young love for one enemy fae weigh heavier than his own people?

‘The Darkling’ is the first novel of The Marram Chronicles Trilogy

Here you can read the 1st Chapter ‘Iza’  and how the Darkling tries to kill her.

You can also read the entire Novel HERE for free.