The Darkling Fantasy Romance & Adventure Novel


From their first violent meeting headstrong Fae Iza and reckless Darkling Yarrek are drawn to one another’s enigma. But both have a secret. He needs to steal her Red Seed to save his village while she needs to find her mother. 

As my main writing project of 2016 I am rather proud of the first novel of the Marram Chronicles Trilogy – and it is complete, done and dusted. Here you can read the 1st Chapter ‘Iza’… You can also read the entire Novel The Darkling HERE for free.  Isn’t that something? It certainly is…

Some reviews from The Darkling readers of all ages (20-68yrs):

“The darkling is my favorite fantasy novel next to Eragon. Something for everyone – romance, action, adventure, and mystery! The characters were all relatable and engaging. Hard to put down! The plot and twists made me excited for the next book!”                                                                                                                                                                                Review by Amy May 

“Very engaging – I enjoyed reading the story. I liked how the chapter endings make a good resting point. There were no dead passages and I was engaged until the end!”                                                                                                                                                                        Review by Nemi Nath

“The Darkling took me by surprise. I was encouraged to read this book as I do like fantasy books and movies etc. Not having a lot of time to read novels usually, I was quite amused that once I started with The Darkling, I couldn’t stop!!! I am now waiting for and looking forward to the next books in the Marram Chronicles. There are great plot twists and cliff hangers! An elementally beautiful, passionate, challenging and at times heart wrenching world has been created by Jolene Summer, which had me become very easily immersed. If you’re looking to get totally involved in a new world – here it is.”                                                                                                                                                                                           Review by Giselle Geiger

The second in the series The Marram Chronicles is in the pipes, called Red Thorn. I hope to finish it in this year, fingers crossed with my many projects.

A special ‘thank you’ for Amy L. and her awesome editing services. I had a blast working with her. At the top is my first draft book cover, not bad but not completely there either…

Here you can read the 1st Chapter ‘Iza’ where the Darkling tries to kill Fae Iza, and HERE can you read the entire Fantasy Novel The Darkling for free.