Are You or a Friend a Highly Sensitive Person? Take the test…

Do you know someone who is easily overwhelmed, stressed by noise or by having a lot to do in a short amount of time? In my 40 years, I met many people who had completely different reactions to stressful situations, or challenging tasks, like choosing wall paint color shades, or being confronted with too many household jobs at once. Some handle it, some handle it less and some have meltdowns.

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A Rescue Dog’s Wisdom – Adult life Fact #3

That rescue greyhound undid me. I started crying. Her joy of having a yard to race around in, that I came down the stairs so early in the morning and gave her a pad. That I had some attention to spare.
After hanging out with Daisy, suddenly pain welled up in me, I knelt next to her and tears began to flow.  Continue reading “A Rescue Dog’s Wisdom – Adult life Fact #3”

The 5 Best VEGAN Breakfasts Countdown

We all sometimes need inspiration and a refresher of what to have for brekkie from time to time… here are my five super duper vegan Brekkie recommendations and recipes. Vegan smoothies, pancakes, waffles, your own made buckwheat crunch muesli, and more. All easy and flexible! Continue reading “The 5 Best VEGAN Breakfasts Countdown”

Vegan, GF & Addictive: Caramel Apple Butter


If you make this recipe in your slow cooker, you will want to lay in it after a few hours. The wait for it isn’t only worth it but announces itself for hours and hours. Your entire house will smell for apples, cinnamon, and caramel. Anyway, thank me later, for now, get peeling on those apples :-D. Continue reading “Vegan, GF & Addictive: Caramel Apple Butter”