THE LIST or How my daughter really sees me

I had to share this list. I was just cleaning up messy corners in my house (as one does when one has nothing better to do) and that’s where I found this treasure of a list. My now 11yr old daughter must have written it 1-2 years back as I am not running the cafe anymore, but man, it had me chuckling. It is a list about me, Continue reading “THE LIST or How my daughter really sees me”


To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2

Your parents are not responsible for making you happy 

The simplest task of a parent is to basically Not kill their kids, to say it dramatically, and with a wink, right? Their primary functions seem to include feeding and clothing their children, to keep them healthy and safe, so they can grow up into an adult without much physical damage. Then you say: what about the child’s Continue reading “To Kill or Not to Kill? Adult Life Fact #2”

My Daughter’s Voice & Wings

So what is our legacy as mothers? What is the lesson that I learned after being a Mom for over 11 years?

A while back I was part of a class outing with the kids and all parents and we walked through Continue reading “My Daughter’s Voice & Wings”

Conscious Parenting: Confessions of a Mum

Recently an acquaintance at the farmers market admitted to me that she doesn’t like children. “I am too lazy.” she said, and I agreed. “Sure, children are hard work. But without my kid this planet just doesn’t make any sense.” She made large eyes, speechless and I got the impression stating my honest truth rocked her world.

Well, when I wanted to be a mother (spur of the moment idiocy), and tried with my then husband, I instantly got pregnant. I practically ordered her on ebay. Continue reading “Conscious Parenting: Confessions of a Mum”