Mother’s Garden – Mixed Media Project

I made this collage/mixed media painting for my mother a few years back. She is a garden freak and loves flowers, and besides our rather tough Mother-daughter story, I have much love for her.  Continue reading “Mother’s Garden – Mixed Media Project”


Night Tree – Acrylic Painting

The night tree blossoms in the dark,
and grows dreams.
Its branches hang low,
spreading a heavy scent, like jasmine.
And when its dreams are ripe
they drop,
like ideas,
or a soul.  Continue reading “Night Tree – Acrylic Painting”

Ink Spray Mixed Media: Birds greeting the Morning Sun

I love working with mixed media, acrylics, inks, sprays, stencils and stamps and although I’ve got more into Gelli printing over the years this was one is of my earlier spray ‘backgrounds’ for an art journal. Continue reading “Ink Spray Mixed Media: Birds greeting the Morning Sun”

Pastel Crayons on Canvas: War, Love and Devotion (poem)

The others have left and went home. 

The trenches are empty, and with bleeding wounds and a parched throat, I see only smoke. And a woman.   Continue reading “Pastel Crayons on Canvas: War, Love and Devotion (poem)”

Pastel Crayons on Canvas: A Woman’s Wisdom

30cm x 30cm

 A Woman’s Wisdom

In the dark hours we women have shown

our resilience, our resourcefulness, our courage.

We know when to be quiet and when to scream.  Continue reading “Pastel Crayons on Canvas: A Woman’s Wisdom”

Acrylic Painting: Love has Wings

Acrylic painting 60 x40cm

Love has wings

And when all others fail me

she is the one who stays

who holds my hand,

who counts my tears,

and paints with them. Continue reading “Acrylic Painting: Love has Wings”