About Me

 jolenesummer“A Writer by night, a mother by day, and always on the look-out. As words seem to chase me, I need to take cover in my stories and hide. At least until I’m better with my bow.”

Jolene Summer is born 1976 in Germany, where she studied German, Arts and Music to then emigrate 2003 to Australia. First as a backpacker, she soon decided to stay and settled in the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW.

A teacher and cafe manager by trade, she now mainly writes novels and that since 2008. She enjoys writing fantasy, short stories, parables, blog posts as well as non-fiction regarding spirituality, relationships, freedom and the subject ‘Survivors of trauma and abuse’, and in no way related to the former: Recipes that knock Your Socks off!

If she doesn’t write she paints and crafts, gardens, loves nature and trees, cooks, laughs, and last but not least is Mom to the coolest girl on the planet!

However, as a Jane of all Trades, she has managed dark offices, run country cafes, coached some lives, organised small and large events, gave counselling, held women’s and happiness workshops, wrote fiction and non-fiction in any free time, taught kids while studying, moved 42 times, and gave birth once.

Also, she laughs plenty, is crazy about her kid, passionate about ideas, excellent writing and good storytelling, and always interested in intelligent conversations. Meeting someone who connects the dots is a pleasure she appreciates.

But, she hates to usually know the ending of a movie, despises bullies and egocentric behaviour and at any time chooses solitude over company that would compromise her values.