THE LIST or How my daughter really sees me

I had to share this list. I was just cleaning up messy corners in my house (as one does when one has nothing better to do) and that’s where I found this treasure of a list. My now 11yr old daughter must have written it 1-2 years back as I am not running the cafe anymore, but man, it had me chuckling. It is a list about me, her Mum, and how she views me. Don’t ask how this came about – I just take it as a gift…

(my mum…)

1. wants to lose weight
2. loves ice-cream
3. does not own many clothes
4. has brown hair
5. has blue eyes (must know)
6. thinks 7.30am is late
7. has a blue computer
8. likes doing art
9. forgets lots of things
10. does not tell me the password for the computer (and runs a cafe)
11. wears purple glasses (for now)
12. is single
13. loves me

Awwww. Well, there’s that. That summed me up somehow in her eyes.
I find it funny that the ‘loves me’ is the last point on the list…hehe. I reckon it is such a given that it was initially not important for the list. I should let her write now another one, and see what changed.

Has anyone else made their kids write a list about how they view their parents? What would they say?



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