Poem: Bury My Name

You can bury my name,
it will only feed the ground with its rage.

I am nothing, not even no one,
So toss the memory of me and swallow my breath.
Dive into my endless ocean,
embrace the air that’s me.  

We all share common grounds:
my dirt, our sweat, your blood,
as I’m the whisper in your dream,
the sigh of our blue mornings.

Tell me: Where does light live?
And where is everywhere?
Dead Flowers will do just fine,
As I won’t be there, waiting.

My grave is empty, the heart is full
So bury your lies and go home.
I’ll be in the warming sun,
In the apple touching your mouth.

Its sweet trickle will be my kiss,
its taste my language of love.
Burn all the names and find true freedom,
as this is the only song I will sing.



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