Writing Fantasy or Why Being Crazy is Normal

The dragons spit fire, the magicians defend the city, and the strange servant girl, no one suspected, discovers her powers. She is the chosen one. The magic swells, the spells rise, and the darkness spreads like poison. Is the kingdom of Tamar doomed?

Well, if you have read my other posts about writing you will know how passionate I am about stories, writing and the written word in general. However, specifically writing in the fantasy genre has held me captive for the last 8 years, and not letting me go, I want to explore why fantasy is so alluring to writers.

Is it because we can make up shit? 

Absolutely. No rules. No prerequisites. The worlds, the powers and people are ours. Nothing has to relate to our reality. Nothing needs to be real if we don’t want it to be or write about anything we find boring. However, once we set up our own rules, and invented a world with no gravity or spells misfire under the moonlight, or camels can breathe fire, then these are the laws and we succumb to them as writers as much as our worlds and characters do.

Unless we change that…

What other reasons are there to write fantasy? Well, I love writing in this genre because the child in me becomes alive. The time when we believed in miracles, super powers, fairies, dragons, magic, witches and flying. The time, when we knew in our hearts that unicorns are real, pegasuses could visit us anytime and magic lingered just around the corner, seems to breathe in me. And that inner child gets born over and over again in my magical worlds.

I also worship writing fantasy because the range and the scale of fantastical are up to me. I can write magical realism or full blown fantasy dragon magician epics. Really, the crazy is the normal here. Isn’t that wonderful?

More, it is such a great genre to combine my passions: spirituality, eastern wisdom, magic, relationships, and other-world dimensions. In compiling great characters, strange worlds that feel familiar without that we understand why and agendas that are fresh but also obscure, they somehow feel all real to me. And when an idea of a new race with their fights, loves and catastrophes packs me I soar with it, and I assure you, it is as real as sitting at my desk feeling the chair under my bottom.


And that’s the conclusion I come to. For me personally, I think because I can make something fantastical feel real, almost mundane once familiar with the world, at least to me, is the coolest thing ever. Maybe we fantasy writers even tap into an ancient knowledge in our DNA where we do remember old, old times. Maybe we aren’t only writers but channel other eras, other dimensions from different times, from different corners of the universe (and beyond)? Who knows?

My first fantasy novel ‘Eternity’ from 8 years ago I wrote in 8 days straight and the entire book was like a movie. I simply had to record what I was witnessing (inside my head) and I didn’t have to make up anything myself. That’s how it felt. I swear.

I wonder if channelling would feel like that? If so, then I am a channel and witness crystal blue island palaces floating in the icy air, broody darklings who can squash bear skulls with their bare hands, and gracious but stubborn fae merging with skinny winter trees to become invisible.

Yep, you heard me…




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