Is accessing our Memories actual Time Travel?

Fancying the 1800’s, the 60’s or 2057? I am certainly not the only one who dreams of time travel and ponders all its possibilities. However, the one thing I am often thinking about (nerd that I am) is, do we time travel regularly and don’t know about it? For example, by remembering our past, do we activate a part of our brain, or actually visit the past? Or maybe both at the same time?
And even thinking of future scenarios? So often ideas and ‘inspirations’ do seem to become real later in the future. Where did the inspiration come from? Sent back to us from another time? Or do we access that time in the right ‘vibration’, the right frequency, to ‘hear’ the idea (an idea that is established and standard for that time, but not in our here-now-reality).

What Science has to say about time travel?

I looked into it, and I am not alone with the thought that remembering could be time travel. Endel Tulving, PhD, a University of Toronto professor emeritus and visiting professor in cognitive neuroscience at Washington University says that “memory allows us to mentally travel backward in time as well as into the future”. (quoted from here).

Also, time travel has been thought of when interpreting experiments where certain parts of living brains got stimulated, and the subjects felt them before the stimulation had actually occurred (referring to Neuroscientist Libet and his half second experiments).

Last year Australian experiments were conducted where photons got sent through ‘artificial’ black holes, called CTC’s (closed timelike curves), where they interacted with their younger selves. Yep, that happened. Sounds heavily like time travel to me.

So science is on the prowl trying to find the answers to break through the wall of mystery and lifting the fogs of time. And space. And so it becomes clear, breaking free of linear time is a dream of humanity. Maybe we wish to go back and erase regrettable moments or change the course of history. Maybe we want to have an adventure in the unknown, run with dinosaurs, whack the Spanish inquisition over the head or relive the good old days.

Time paradoxes

What about the Terminator and its paradox that puzzles people until today, or similarly the grandparent paradox? It get’s tricky when we think about looping time rather than following it on a straight line. Would we erase ourselves if we go back and kill our grandparents? And how could John Connor send back his father in time to young Sarah to make sure he actually was conceived, birthed and therefore existed? It’s a head scratcher.

And what about past life regressions or channelling? So many people report that they feel while hypnotised or regressing their experience is real. As if they’re there. Also, people can go into deep trances and report from thousands of years back (and/or across many lightyears from space). Dolores Cannon’s work has shown that over and over again. The famous and late hypnotherapist put her clients under a somnambulistic state of trance, and suddenly they reported by the thousands of the most extraordinary events in history, mainly from the past or off the planet (which is hard to prove either way, of course, but the numbers are staggering).

What about deja vu experiences? Let’s assume the Matrix isn’t real and there isn’t a glitch in the programming of our world (who knows), what does cause Deja vus?I have had at least 10-20 different Deja vu experiences in my life, and every time it feels like I must have dreamt about that situation, the people and the place it happens before. Usually many years before. Did I time travel or dreamt of the future? And why aren’t these both the same thing?

Speculations on the future

The future is always alluring because we all are moving towards it. The future is vast, endless, and holds so many answers for humanity, but also for any individual. Least to say our date of death.
Now, I don’t believe that all psychics are charlatans or that all are real. I rather conclude that there is a healthy average of some being the real deal and some just riding the trend or wave to make money. However, psychic phenomena are real and have been scientifically proven and experimented with. I wonder if time plays a significant role in the findings.

Maybe psychics access knowledge beyond the now and transcend time by tapping into a stream of consciousness where time does either flow differently or does not exist at all. What about intuition? It’s a trait, no, a force that is more and more recognised and not judged as something exclusive feminine anymore, when she is ’emotional’.
We are all psychics on a small scale, tapping into our ‘knowing’ beyond the knowing. I recently played a game with my daughter, and before the dice finished rolling I knew how many eyes they would show. ‘I knew it!’ I said.
How is that possible? Well, this happens to me on a regular basis, and I assume I am not alone. We all have those moments where we know what will happen a millisecond before it happens. It’s usually beyond words (at least for me), but I think it consciously. It’s like a flash thought that occurs right before reality confirms it.

Have I caught up with my future self who sent the knowledge back in time, or did I see the future? We will never know, but this stuff happens.


Time travel seems on a small scale not only possible, but we might do it without realising. Our vivid memories, our Deja Vu’s, our intuition and maybe even our dreaming of time travel, is accessing mentally different times, tapping into future or past wisdom, realities or ideas.

Maybe it’s my ears and nose that time travel when I smell my late grandma’s soap or hear words ringing in my head spoken decades ago? When I access a memory, either my brain goes mentally somewhere or a memory is activated and plays a movie in my mind. Either or, I am transported for a moment to a different time. A different sense of place and experience and my now reality becomes secondary.

Imagine my nose or ears time travelling, but the rest of me is still here in the ‘now’? So while they’re in the 80s listening to Foreigner, I am here daydreaming about not being hijacked by cheesy radio earworms. Will my ears come back to me or have I erased them forever with the paradox?

“I’ve been waiting for my ears to hear…” (imagine Foreigner’s I’ve been waiting for a girl like you…) Oh yeah, you heard me. I went there… At least my ears did. Yours too, my fellow time traveller, am I right?





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