Self-Love 101 #5: Accepting My Hearts Desires

For a few minutes today I dedicate my attention to my desires, which I carry in the stillness of me, always present, always patiently waiting.

Today I fully accept them as my desires. Every single one is justified and allowed. I am not making one need or want wrong, or compare it to anyone else.

Just for this moment, I allow myself to feel the extent of all my wishes, including the longing, the uncomfortable urge and the still waiting for my heart to be listened to, to be answered to, to breathe.

I give air to these dark hidden places in me that want to be met. Deeply. My desires as human, as woman (or man), as lover, friend, writer, artist, mother, daughter, adventurer, worker, achiever, and dreamer.

I am not asking for their fulfilment today, but I own them. These desires? They are mine; a snapshot of NOW and show who I am and what I wish to experience.

Let’s give these desires some air and acknowledge our dreams, small or big. Let us feel all emotions with them, excitement, disappointment, impatience, hope, faith, anger, nervousness.

Where do we stand with these desires and dreams really? How do they define us?
If we want we can write down anything that comes up for us by finishing these sentences:

I always wanted to have______________________________

I always wanted to do:______________________________

I want to be more____________________________________

I desire the experience of_____________________________

I wish I could feel ___________________________________

I feel_______________ because I didn’t yet_________________.

I am not pressuring myself just because I have not recieved_______________yet.

And remember, be always kind to yourself…


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