Poem: Light is my Currency

Greatness wants to emerge –
Slowly, growing towards the Light.
And what fear can stop it?

Love is on its way to experience itself.
Like an avalanche of souls.
Inevitable the healing, the wholeness.

Light is our destiny and love our vehicle.
Yet we came so far and still we don’t see.
We saw so much and still we are lost?


Our fantasies become dreams – and our dreams will come true.
And truth, behind the veils, readies itself
to leave the dark corner of our minds.

And I challenge myself to stay anchored, to believe
– even when all battles get unleashed –
that peace is already present, so intimately close.

So I ask myself to hold on, to choose, to focus:
Love’s strength so dense is birthed in every moment,
from the depth she emerges through my struggle!

The child knows all along, the angel does know
That which all mirrors see and all hearts long for:
The world as it is, will morph into what it always was.

Love will come home, and greatness emerges.
Light is my currency when I remember
that I am divine, that I am that World.

As I’ve always been and always will be.


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