Movie Review: True Memoirs of an International Assassin


As a writer, I thoroughly enjoyed this action comedy movie. It portrays an ‘ordinary’ writer who gets into trouble with his novel as his writing comes alive and his life brims of danger.

True Memoirs of an International Assassin mainly stars comedian and actor Kevin James, alongside Andy Garcia, and is directed by Jeff Wadlow, known for directing the action comedy Kick Ass 2.

The Story is simple

Sam Larson (Kevin James) is a shy, boring office worker who secretly writes spy thrillers and due to diligent research knows his weapons surprisingly well. When he submits his latest novel an online publisher changes the genre of his book from fiction to non-fiction, adding the ‘true’ to the title. While his book skyrockets in sales Sam gets into a lot of trouble. Mistaken for an assassin the writer is kidnapped to South America where his imaginations turn into alarming realities: he is supposed to assassinate the president of Venezuela.

My opinion

Lovely twists and plots create a maze for poor Sam who always seems to find an unlikely and surprising way out of the mess, saving an entire country. The movie is accompanied by a witty script making this movie an enjoyable action comedy. It is light, entertaining for teenagers and adults, has a few laugh out loud moments and keeps the watchers on their toes due to its speed.

Just don’t think too hard about what is possible in reality, or if we writers would actually be able to step into our characters’ skin. I for one would stumble over the first rock, skim my knee and with a thumb in my mouth hope that a real fighter would take over the job (and save me).

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