Poem: He Sings Me Into Being

You want to know about my God? He can’t be known. He can’t be seen, Yet I am his music. His song lets my insides tremble.

My soft belly shakes and my breasts shiver in delight. My body flows and is moved by his rhythm. 

The world is dancing, drifting, as my eyes see foreign lands, realms of sound and touch, of speed and light. They are offered to me. I am its only queen.

My sweat, my blood is its rain, my eyes the stars. I give life to its children; I am the mother of its music.

My presence means blessing, And in the wake of my steps, strong trees grow.

I dance my way through the thicket of tunes, carried by his wind, his melody. His drum is my heartbeat, his singing my waters.

I move only for him as he claims my breath. 

He is the magi, and I am his spell, and all senses are shaking under his hands.

Melodies of joy shape this land, luscious and rich, where ecstasy rushes while every note climbs higher and higher.

His guitar and flute command my desire. I am his secret, I am his muse.

Beauty is I, my body radiates his adoration. And I can’t but love, but let him take me. 

So I am his song, am all he needs to be who he is. And we are dancing the dance of purity, of joy.

For here we are one, where I rule his voice, and lend him hands. I give him reason to sing. 

On the grounds of our celebration, my spirit flies and expands into the realm of everything.

Our love can never die. His voice flows through my veins. And our gifts are the small attentions.

He rules my heart, and I reign his lands, and we share a single cup of which we drink every night. We will never get enough of this.

Now that I told you about my greatest joy I hear his voice calling me, please let me go.

I need to follow the tune and meet my God. So I can dance for him and so he, once more, will sing me into being.


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