How to find Happiness or the Difference between your Purpose and Mission in Life

Remember the quote ‘Follow Your Bliss’ by Joseph Campbell? It basically means in order for you to be happy you would need to know what your bliss is, what you want and what excites you and how it expresses itself for you, and then how to actually pursue it.

That’s a big ask, to know what we want adn to pursue it, but a good one. Broadly interpreted for this article ‘Follow your Bliss’ means to know your purpose (and bliss is inherently part of it), to then follow it as your ‘mission’ to create happiness.

To say it upfront, we all have a purpose, no question about that, and I will define it later more. For now, I want to say one statement, which I reckon is true for everyone: We all want to matter.

We want to matter, which reflects for me that we all carry purpose. No one is ok with just being here on earth without any value or contribution, some kind of accomplishment. We all seek value, meaning, and self-expression. At least, we all want to be seen and acknowledged as fellow human beings. So even though achieving this status of feeling valuable and to contribute might look different for all 7 Billion people, we all want to matter.

Also, and I am going out on a limb here, we all want to feel happy, worthy, loved and to belong. Deep down. At least most of us. We want bliss and know where to find it and how to keep it, right?

In Business terms

If you ever wrote a business plan you have heard of the terms Mission and Vision Statements of your business. And to define those really helps to clarify what your business is really all about.

And we wish it was that simple to define why we are here and how to achieve the goal. Right now. You and me. However, when it comes to our personal life writing a business plan usually doesn’t work. After all, it’s a complex thing to sit in a body and participate with all these other bodies on this planet. As such it’s not a project we ‘control’ like a business. Our life is everything and we sit in it.

Maybe one challenge is to sit rather outside of it all and feel like we are driving it, rather than life driving us, however, I found most people do not experience living as something they can guide as easily as conducting a car.

So in business terms, it is rather simple. The Vision of a business means: What do you want to accomplish? What is the potential of your business? What is the intention? It’s the what.

The Mission is How do you want to achieve this vision? How will the business do it? How will you get there? It’s the How.

Your Personal Purpose and Mission

The term ‘purpose’ in Life Coaching and spirituality is in many ears and books, so there is nothing new about that. ‘Go find your purpose’, ‘live your purpose’, ‘the purpose of life’, are catchy phrases thrown around easily. But to get really clear on what they mean for us individuals is a different ball game, I find.

To say it upfront I believe our purpose is an intention ingrained into our soul.

It goes beyond personality or the ‘vision’ like for a business plan. It is the reason for our existence. Our purpose is part of the nature of being conscious. And it wouldn’t matter where we go, where our soul resides, on what planet, dimension or in which multiverses we play… 🙂 We have the same purpose anywhere because wherever we are there’s our purpose. It is inseparable from our soul and so we can’t lose it.

Still, similar to the vision of a business plan, we can call it the Wwhat. What am I about?

However, what is confusing or challenging on this particular planet Earth is our human need and attempt to define everything. To hold it at arms-length, to give everything a name, and add a clear definition to stake and understand the boundaries of every-thing. Yes, something undefined seems to make us humans feel rather foggy and confused. Out of control even.

However, universal purposes must be felt and sensed, and are harder to define to a single one because here on earth there are several levels of purposes at work and while trying to follow our bliss and find happiness this might be confusing.

The Broad Soul Purpose

So, in the bigger picture, my soul has simply the purpose to love, to serve and create. These intentions go beyond anything I would or could ever do. We could go further and say: I am love. You are love. And so love is our sole purpose. That’s why in all our human stories, books and movies love in its thousand shades is the undergoing current in one way or another. That’s why we do know ‘Love conquers’ all. or, ‘It’s all about love’ etc…

It’s our nature, our purpose, our reason to do anything and as well it is our bliss which we want to follow.

Earths Wide Spectrum of Purposes

However, if you’re reading this, you are like me focussed in a body, at least for now, and Earth’s nature does split the purpose ‘to love, serve and create’ into more specific purposes. It gives a wider spectrum providing a platform where the colors of purpose aren’t just blue, but nightshade blue, Prussian blue, light blue, gray blue… you get my meaning. It is a complex place, even for purposes. Why? Maybe to help us understand what we’re made of, to give more opportunity to grow and more options to express ourselves. Who knows.

However, to define our specific ‘purposes’ we are still moving among relative broad statements that reflect our main values and focus. Love, Serve, Create. They would define us and reflect our main interests.

For example, there is the general purpose that we are all human beings on this planet at this time, right? That’s one purpose we all share. How do I know that? Well, I do not believe in coincidences, so it all must ‘mean’ something, which gives this planet purpose. And we’re here. Conscious.

And since consciousness doesn’t fall ‘from the sky’ in one lifetime to then disappear into nothingness after our body gives up, it also means conscious, willful purpose got somehow applied.

More, our consciousness doesn’t vanish. It can’t. It has no end, no beginning, and no physicality. And if we are conscious now, we will be conscious later, after death, and had been before. Which makes me think we came here as a human on purpose. 😀

You can simply try these two consciousness exercises: 

1. Watch what your next thought will be. and

2. Investigate where your thoughts, your mind end.

Our purpose is usually a very simple statement

like I am here to create. and I am here to love, and then there’s the spectrum:

I am here to serve.

I am here to raise consciousness.

I am here to uplift.

I am here to heal.

I am here to teach.

I am here to support.

I am here to learn.

I am here to grow.

I am here to have an adventure.

I am here to balance.

I am here to challenge.

I am here to create.

I am here to change and transform.


Define your own purposes

Tip #1: To narrow it down for yourself or to prioritize, simple take this list and try to order it for yourself from most important to least important. It will help you define your general purpose/s. You can then concentrate on the first 5 and will be busy figuring out your missions. 

Our Mission in life

Now, let’s briefly clarify our missions. Just like in a business plan, it would be the how. How do we execute these broad purposes of love, and the intention to uplift or teach? How would we achieve to heal, grow, or challenge to express our souls? Well, our mission is the doing, the expression, the flow and movement coming from us. It’s the How.

Let’s say someone loves to serve and take care of people, a Mum, or a nurse. It makes them feel warm and fuzzy and it feels right. Hey, that’s as good as it gets to clarify and to know our more specific purposes. To be a parent or a nurse or similar, well, these are expressions, the mission on how to serve, love and uplift or heal. And you can ask any teacher, therapist or parent. It does rather feel like a mission sometimes.

Now, I believe we share all the above-named purposes to certain degrees. We all have these purposes. I for certain share almost all of them. The older I get the more I realize the finer nuances of my purpose to love, serve, to create, balance and simply be here as a human being.

Still, most of us have preferences among these purposes. And these preferences become clearer when we look into our missions and how we like to express ourselves.

One person might rather like to be hands on, nourish and serve, like giving massages and doing things for people, or is a good listener. Others love to be intellectual, teach, create or learn. Sometimes we have phases where we do one more than the other. For years.

Also, I am not saying that the professions we’re in always reflect our true nature or purpose. I knew factory workers who served their family and loved them and were creative and uplifting souls, yet their assembly line work did not reflect their true soul intention. And that is for them to figure out.

A painter or musician serves and creates, and if enjoying can teach their craft, as well. However,…

The Mission beyond hobbies/work/jobs…

Teaching, healing or serving can all happen beyond the job or hobbies. Simply by the fact that we all relate on a daily basis. We have family, friends, kids, neighbors, or acquaintances we challenge, reflect back, love, nourish and serve. Or not, and then the0 lack of care and love teaches things, too. Basically, we can’t but not serve or teach one another, especially when we fail in the loving. Our main purpose. SO much growth is in that for everyone.

So again, the mission has not necessarily much to do with our profession. It just sometimes works out that way and makes work easier. Yes, following our bliss would suggest having a blissful job to create real success. Even if that success simply means happiness. But I would not make it a rule, that creates pressure and that’s not very loving, isn’t it?


My explanations here are put very simply. And once we’re looking into our personalities, our professions, our hobbies, our preferences and our projects, we can understand they all carry many purposes.

A parent loves and serves their children but also gets taught a lot by them, helping the parent to grow. I personally loved to cook, serve, organize, run and create a cafe because it fulfilled many of my purposes of nourishing, serving and creating and so met my needs and talents. Still, I am writing books and two blogs because I am also a teacher and healer at heart and want to share my thoughts and hopefully inspire and uplift others.

When Campbell meant ‘Follow our Bliss’ he meant to read our own soul, to understand what purposes drive us the most and to find the expression that matches them the most. This will make us happy.

Purpose? It’s an easy thing to find out. It’s not complicated. You never lost your purpose and missions can get back on track once we have the general direction. So go to…

Tip #1: Define your general purposes (above)

and then

Tip #2: Define the specific individual purposes and missions for your NOW life. It would be a good idea to take a few sheets of paper, write down the different areas of your life like home, work, your relationships, your hobbies, etc. Then jut down what purposes you would give them and how you already are on track with expressing these purposes or where you can adjust or create new ways.

Happy soul searching!


Hey, thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a lovely day, Jolene

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