Poem: Face the Fire’s Truth

Here’s the end of the road, my friend. I’m glad you came. 

You fought for and against everything, losing your pride. 

With fires in your back, and the face to the wall, 

Where will you turn now, where will you hide? 


Ways to find what was lost aren’t forlorn. 

Turn to face the heat and meet the disguise.

Yes, it will hurt and yes, it will burn, but

only if you resist, run or compromise.


Open to the fire’s truth to discover rare pearls.

In flames’ midst touch the blue heart,

and bravely meet each surge to be free,

like a firebird wild, to be seen as art.


Flames of truth will open the gates

to unravel your lies, and burn the fears.

Welcome the pain and walk through your fire,

To receive its wisdom with listening ears. 


Hey, thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a lovely day, Jolene

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