Self-Love 101 #3 – Music: Holiday for our Mind

Today, we listen to our favorite piece of music to create mindfulness…  

Isn’t it wonderful that music has the power to transform, to move and heal? In that spirit today we allow a favorite song to touch our being and relax into it. Our ears deserve listening to something our entire body enjoys. We receive the vibrations and the blessings of it and we get carried into different spheres, just for a while. We dream with all senses, and our mind is on holiday. The stress subsides. Not to accomplish anything but to introduce a little bit of peace into the madness. A time-out, to then move on, refreshed and uplifted.

The room can be darkened if we like, we can use headphones or dance, or sit quietly, or lie on the floor or bed. However, we close for one moment all doors and dedicate this moment just to ourselves. We swim in tones, vibrations, and different worlds and can treat this experience as our meditation for the day. Through music, we offer beauty to our soul and receive its answer by feeling open and calm.

What a tender way to experience love and this universe. It’s a holiday indeed.

Thank you music, musicians and the vibrations of love that bless me with this song. I open up to be carried away, let myself be completely taken and allow my mind to have a holiday. I relax, breathe in the harmonies and enjoy my dreaming of other dimensions waking up in me. When my mind is closed to other paths the pure love-making of music always reaches me.

So be it.

And remember, always be kind to yourself…


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