Movie Review: Passengers w/Jennifer Lawrence

I’ve got one word to say to you: cute. (Warning, spoiler alert ahead)

Now for a space/sci-fi movie that might not be a fitting description, but this movie is mainly a love story and as such, it is rather cute. Predictable in its build up, as in the get-together, the split up due to her finding out his secret betrayal, followed by the reconciliation in the face of crisis, but still cute.

And the nicest thing about Passengers was that there were no bad guys, no large conspiracy, no outer threat and machine gun fights (I just watched Aliens) but simply the moral conflict and an accidental machine failure. How refreshing!!!

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are as sweet as ever, and if you like to see how she passionately bashes up the love interest, you have to watch the movie. 😀 talking about domestic violence…

There are some stunning visuals which you would expect from a movie that travels through space, and her scene (also shown in the trailers) of her being trapped in an anti-gravity swimming pool bubble is pretty cool. Also, the ship is kind of an own character, as there is really not much else going on. It’s cool, well designed and large.

The story is simple:

A large spaceship with 5000 passengers from earth travels supposedly for 120 years to a new home planet Homestead II. Something went wrong after 30 years when Chris Pratt, as Jim, wakes up from his cryo-sleep.

After realizing he is all alone and with no way back into the pod knowing he will die while being on the journey Jim entertains himself for an entire year, all by himself (except for the robot barman, which seems to serve as the comic relief in this movie).

Until loneliness overcomes his morals and he wakes up the girl, Aurora, robbing her of her chance to live the life she had planned for herself on Homestead II.

But hey, he had fallen in love with her by reading her books (she’s a writer) and studying her face, and he needs some cuddles. And that’s enough, eh? (the conversations with the robot are just not doing it).

Anyway, they do fall in love, easy-peasy, and everything goes well for 1-2 years, but then the secret catches up with Jim. She finds out that he has terminated her sleep, and played fate, and now she hates his guts.

At least until the ship makes serious trouble and the life of the 5000 is in real danger if the two can’t save the day and put aside their differences.

Love conquers all, apparently.


Watch it as a light romantic movie, not a sci-fi and you’re fine. The love story is not ‘The Notebook’, passionate or devoted, real and deep, but as I said before, it’s cute.


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