Self-Love 101 #2 – My Body or the appreciated Avatar

Our bodies are our vessels so we’re able to experience this life on earth as woman, as man. It truly is an amazing adventure to be human. What a ride! These bodies are so complex, delicate, beautiful and in need of being treated with the utmost respect.

In all their differences they serve us immensely: our eyes show us a precious world we can take in and perceive as a mirror. Our hands are creative, loving and able to give and receive amazing gifts. Our hearts are beating, so constantly beating for us and the world and all these hearts around us. In the rhythm of all mankind. Our hearts determine the pulse of the world.

Our skin allows us to be touched, to feel and touch so tenderly and loving. Our ears can hear words of freedom, forgiveness or healing.

And our brains are the most dazzling instrument we’ve been given, lending us the power of thought to create whatever we want in life while being in these bodies.

All our organs work together, making it possible to live and breathe without having to think about it. Really, this body is our biggest asset here on earth in the experience of being human. Let us acknowledge our vessel daily with the most tender thoughts and words.

Let’s offer a prayer of appreciation to our bodies:

Vessel of mine, I am so grateful for your constant effort to make my life smooth and pleasurable. You keep me in this human experience 24/7 and I am grateful. You teach me so much about fragility, needs and the ability to experience pleasure. I have fun with you. I accept your shape and choose to have appreciative thoughts about you. I accept where you might have difficulty functioning and promise to take responsibility for it. I want to care for you the best I can.

Thank you heart and brain for all your incredible support. I am blessed with my hands, arms, legs and feet. Without you, I would have no mission here on earth.

I bless you. I bless you with love, light, and devotion.

So be it.

And remember, always be kind to yourself….


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