Movie Review: Assassin’s Creed

Alright. To say it upfront, I am not a big gamer (but sometimes wish to be), so I had no previous idea/conception of the story (except what the trailers gave away).

I loved the idea of our free will which in form of a blueprint genetic code could be stolen and controlled as a major threat but was not a fan of Read more…the religious, inquisitive elite chasing relentlessly the code since the cruel and violent 1500’s (but hey, whoever is a fan of the inquisition, eh?). I guess that’s part of the backdrop story of the video game. The knight’s templars vs. the assassins.

The assassins are the real heroes who lay down their lives for humanity by defying the crazed templars and upholding their creed and whose fight has never ceased and went on until modern times.

Anyhow, I totally loved the idea of tapping into cellular memory and being able to time travel to step into the skin of your ancestor to investigate whatever he/she was up to at the time. One cool machine called animus creates the link between your DNA and the cellular memory and bang! You’re there. They even call it regression. I guess thats as spiritual as it gets, though.

And Michael Fassbender? Can’t go wrong with him. Ever. My favorite German actor (I am a bit biased since I am German) didn’t disappoint me even though the script did not do him many favors. But I get ahead of me here.

The story is simple: A murderer named Cal (M. Fassbender) gets supposedly killed on death row but is secretly kept alive for scientific purposes. He is the only ancestor of an assassins bloodline that can help the knights templars, represented by Jeremy Irons and their scientists, played by Marion Cotillard, with their goal of world domination (duh!).

Slick action all the way through, stunning visuals, amazing chases (a lot of them, one can see how it is a video game come to life) and fast scenes make up for a rather flat story/scripts and boring conversations about the search for Edens’ apple, a hand me down by the gods, hinted to be aliens (which I thought was a nice touch). It contains the genetic code for humanities free will. However, the real and main motivations are: Science wants to create a better world, while religion wants to control it. At some point, a templar says that the mainstreams complacent consumerism isn’t en0ugh and hasn’t helped to control the world’s issues, and the assassins. Now let’s try taking their ‘free will’.

Science helps the religious, out of curiosity, because they can, and gets screwed in the process by the power hungry elite.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


For the many rather cool chases in medieval Spain, I would watch it again. The camera work is wonderful (most of it CGI), and the characters gritty looks and fighting skills I experienced as …satisfying. (uhh, maybe I have the blood of an ancestral assassin running through my veins). Just don’t expect to laugh or be overly inspired by the story behind the action. It is rather common and a bit…hollow. As with most action movies.

Just don’t expect to laugh or be overly inspired by the story behind the action. It is rather common and a bit…hollow. As with most action movies.



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