Poem: Once You were a God

Does your soul stir when visited by a big dream? 

Do you remember walking the skies? 

Once your passion created the lands, 

And your desires formed true nations. 

There is still urge, there’s still a longing. 

Can you feel the power under your skin? 

Its pulse rising, falling like the seasons, 

breathing like the wind of the north. 

We’re born as humans to die like gods 

and never to gain more but more.

On your playgrounds you imagined life,

Where love ran through these veins, 

and the brightness of galaxies adorned you.

Can you remember when your voice gave birth 

to thunder and light to those worlds?

Wake up and dare to reign! 

Follow the knowing and prepare yourself.

Your horse is waiting, the throne still warm, 

to rise from the ashes as god, reborn 

with a free mind, magnificent and strong.

Do you fancy to walk the earth once more?

To conquer the new, to create the unknown…

Your heart is your compass, and yearning your path,

when new sparks of old passions rekindle 

the game of games, the play of gods.


Hey, thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a lovely day, Jolene

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