Summer in my Heart

Lightness carries me, I’m not this body.
I smell the colours of the forest, the world.
Birds house in my chest, my skin is wide,
My thoughts like feathers, my head drinks light.

My drunken heart floats on a lake,
mountains grow through me, the queen.
Ears swing with melodies of blooming time
The summer in my heart marries mine

I sit on a throne to soar mid-air,
The Breeze plays with my breath.
And jewel stars dance, they rise and fall,
The summer in my heart is their call.

A temple of glass, this house of sun
swells taller, brighter when I sing.
Where golden clouds grow through my skin
The summer and my heart are akin.

Kissing awake my ignited soul,
Stealing a smile about my wings,
Beauty rushes through blood and bone.
The heart’s summer rules on the throne.

A humble laugh in the mirror, no word.
A Silver tremble, the air shakes and quickens
when summer love with a serene face,
gives me purpose, my heart a place.

Dissolved in the sweetness this moment offers,
with no feet or skin only light in my body.
The strength of its lightness pulls me by the hand
Drawing me to my promised land.


Hey, thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a lovely day, Jolene

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