LOST: Imagination run wild

Last seen on the corner of Dragon Alley and Road to the Witch, an imagination ran wild squeezing through thorny hedges, growling, out of control, to then dash out of sight. Headed for the Edge of the World its recovery requires immediate action!

Being mere five inches tall but ten inches wide, it’s a miracle it escaped. However, stronger and more cunning than it appears, its red coat should make up for its ability to turn invisible. Look out for a red spot in the snow, or for garbage cans thrown over, wriggling.

When it has to eat, it will linger around writer’s homes bothering the maids for crumbs of wisdom and thrown away ideas. It also will eat garbage, looking for scripts and journals, and if deprived of such, it might even climb through windows gnawing on laptops or stealing hard drives.

If confronted by such a scenario in your house DO NOT ENGAGE! I REPEAT: DO NOT ENGAGE!

Despite its innocent, cute and fluffy appearance it is armed and dangerous. Under NO circumstances TOUCH the beast, especially if you DO NOT have the time to write a novel. It will bite when cornered or senses the threat of being crushed. The wounds it inflicts will fester for life. Please stay alert as if attacked off-guard it can cost you your life. This type of imagination will go for your brain and never let go!

CALL 1300-FANTASY, email to thedarklingtrilogy@gmail.com, or twitter us @thedarkling1 – and we’ll take care of it. Our authors are professionals and an authority on handling imaginations on the loose. They’ll know how to tame it to make sense and to channel it’s gibberish into words. All without blood-spill (or very little).

REWARD: A well written, witty copy of the Fantasy and Adventure/Romance novel ‘The Darkling’, because if used correctly, this type of imagination can help writing novels and finishing trilogies – and you helped to catch it!

(Read my free fantasy romance Novel ‘The Darkling’ here.)


Hey, thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a lovely day, Jolene

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