The Pink Cow – or How to be You among 7 Billions – PART 2

Here we are. After reading part one, where we examined that we are so very often pulled into two different directions, inward and outward – and where we explored the human journey inward and what surprises and benefits there waited for us, let’s now look into the pull into the other direction: outwards.

Focusing Outward

As the extreme opposite to our rare inner calm and the meeting of ourselves, we have the common focus on the world and the hustle of 7 Billion people sharing the planet. We can call it the external, the projected, the expressed, the playground of doing and action. It involves all our senses and asks for our attention. It is the platform where we give and get attention from the others, the other bodies, the other cows. 🙂

“Go within every day and find the inner strength

so that the world will not blow your candle out.”    Katherine Dunham

Nowadays being known, seen and heard is everything and always sought after. On the web, on facebook, or blogs, but even more in our lives, our careers and communities.

“Once grown up, I want to be famous.” My daughter says. And she is not alone. Many young children and adolescents say they want to be famous once ‘they’re bigger’. It seems to be a rather common wish, that externalization of being seen, looking at fame as a feature of a successful human being, expressing him/herself.

Sure, it’s exciting and tempting to shine, to do awesome things, to get recognized and rewarded for them. And in case we’re not doing anything worth being rewarded for, at least we can scream weird things, cause scandals, show our …, be shoppers, be money and image obsessed like a certain Kardashian. Or attempt other diversities to get attention.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stand out, or leave our mark, or getting attention. We all want to count and matter and be acknowledged: “Yes, we see you, you’re here.”

I don’t find that the focus towards the world and expressing ourselves as individuals implies issues, if pursued in balance with the inner being; if connected with the inner workings of the individual.

Because once we have a clear picture of who we are and stand firmly in ourselves, sharing us with the world by expressing with clear voices, walking in grace, creating adventure and delicious action are easy.

There we’re pink and we know it. We do not have to prove it.

When we’re centered and clear on who we are, our purpose and our mission, actions seem effortless. Decisions can be made, our stuckness between the inner and the outer is a thing of the past, and paths can be pursued.

However, in our modern times, people want it all fast, easy and cheap -more for less.

Via the media and internet we see what is possible ‘out there’, and on a minute-by-minute update. It’s right there, and so easy to get swept away by- it’s never ending that stream.

And there’re so many ways to be seen and heard, so many rooftops to scream from. And being normal and average is not enough anymore. No, people want to be celebrated beyond what they have actually accomplished, and could actually give to themselves.

Worship, attention, and fame no matter what. Why? Because they deserve it, because they’re worth it, because then they are seen and heard and recognized as individuals. Standing out from the crowd, they think they have value. The pink cow among brown ones.

Sometimes the capability to recognize oneself as individual, as unique, is then replaced. In being distracted so much by the outside and this loud, messy world, asking them to see us, we forget to confirm and affirm ourselves.

We forget that we are responsible, and only responsible for making ourselves feel worthy, important and seen. No matter if our selfie or blog got acknowledged, how many likes it got or if it went viral.

Soon, we aren’t capable to see ourselves, connect with our truth and to meet us on the inside, where our true independence and clarity wait. Where we don’t need the others to feel validated, mirroring us who we are.

In fact let me be clear, these notions are replaced rather often. Why? Because the search for the inner being, the balance between outside and inside aren’t taught, nor fostered or stimulated enough. They do not seem to get enough validation and focus in our parents homes, nor in the media (why would they? It’s bad for business), and not in our work place, either.

Everything in this action based world seems to ask: go here, do that, feel this, want that, get distracted here – no, there! It externalizes all our needs of attention and we can become lost. Our inner needs externalized. Our truth, our being gets muted with handbags, shoes, a viral facebook post, the next party, looking like famous people, and the next selfie (preferably one that shows that handbag).

Those thousand selfies that are send daily over the web? We externalize heaps, we show off heaps, we scream heaps, hoping to be noticed. “HERE I am. Am I pretty? Am I interesting? Am I worth looking at? Am I unique? Do you see me?”

Having said all that, in contrast did you notice how many doodling and colouring out books do exist by now? I reckon they reflect the need to connect with ourselves on a creative level. They are sold as anti-anxiety exercises, but also meditations, and why not… Doodling can be one way to switch off and find some balance.

So, why are we screaming and externalizing so much? My most broadest observation I came across is the underlying fear that if we do not stand out, leave our visible mark as individuals. we are failures, and alone.

If we aren’t known for something, if we do not have the best blog in the world, are the fittest and most beautiful on the block, many get the sensation we do not count. We do not contribute. We aren’t worth much as an individual in the global community.

I am concerned that the inner journey, the inner value, the weight of our soul, is not as accepted and asked for as our social media status. However, it is good to know that all facebook, our peers and family are made of the many individuals, part of the herd themselves, who joined this never ending stream of consciousness, participating in this world.

These are still streams of a certain type of consciousness. And we do have to ask ourselves if the constant streaming is healthy for us, or if we sometimes need to log out, to reconnect and refresh our sense of self? Undervalued by the neon world or not, our own clarity must take priority. Being an individual who feels, sees and dreams and connects with the inner truth can stand in storms and not be swept away.


I have nothing against this world, its many forms of action and expressions, like the social media, or our wish to have a career, etc. All I point out is we need balance if we want to express in a calm and centered fashion, so we do not lose ourselves and become dependent on what the mainstream does and says and thinks about us.

Sure, let’s express ourselves, but are we truly ourselves when twittering or do we simply follow the stream? Pleasing a trend, pleasing so we fit in, pleasing so we belong and are heard? Are part of the herd, and maybe mooing a bit louder than the neighbor cow?

Do you see yourself? I mean truly, see yourself?

Because as soon as you stop and look and SEE YOURSELF, the need to be seen ebbs away, as soon as you direct your focus inward. being such a person you’ll know when to swim against or with the flow, when to speak up, when to say ‘no’, when to shut it, or when to walk away – adn show we’re the pink cow we’ve been waiting for all along.

All because we knew ourselves.

“Know thyself” or “gnothi seauton” is an ancient Greek aphorism and confirms for me that the inner journey needs to have priority over the screaming loud world. To know who we are, and to be able to express ourselves as individuals, we need to know who we are.

Facebook can’t tell us that.

However, it can tell us why the Kardashians are so dashy-flashy, and you can tweet Kim. That’ll give you a glimpse of touching the bright sparkling fame. But it doesn’t give you a sense of self.

And the sense of self, knowing the depths of your miraculous being, and really liking yourself, that’s like being your own Kim Kardashian.

Lights flash, applause roars….

You’re home. You’re your fabulous you.

Who would have thought pink flatters you?



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