The Pink Cow – or How to be You among 7 Billions – PART 1

Ever been scared of being yourself in a crowd, showing how you feel in a conversation, or speaking your truth when with friends, risking an argument? Sometimes it costs a lot to say it like it is, right? We all have been there. To agree and to disagree is part of human nature and relationships. To sometimes go with the flow and sometimes to swim against it.

But maybe you often don’t even know what your truth is? Maybe sometimes you don’t have a clue how you actually feel, or what you want. And then you conveniently swim in a sea of fish down that stream, and do whatever the others do. You simply have not made up your mind about who you are. At least not regarding this matter.

Hey, you’re not alone. About 99% of the worlds population struggles with the idea to be one of 7 billion and to have clarity who they are, what they want and where they’re going. We are all so common, and yet so unique. We feel like cows, somehow ominously special, but still cows of a large herd. (sorry, if you feel offended by the cow analogy, I like cows 🙂

Besides having this amazing opportunity to be here on earth, to be an eternal being in a finite body, functioning like an avatar, this existence of us in the crowd, being one of many, has a lot of mysteries and challenges.

The struggle about how to stand up for ourselves, to be authentic, and know ourselves is one, but how to become visible to carve out a unique spot for ourselves, while being comfortable with NOT pleasing everyone, is another. How to be that pink cow?

Well, to find the right balance, to live that pink cow wisdom, I believe special attributes and character traits need to be gained and trained; certain choices have to be made and we have to grow more into ourselves and our pink truth to be able to bridge the gap between knowing oneself and showing oneself. 

Our Cowlemma: Most of us are pulled into two directions – Outwards & Inwards.

– We want to fit in, and still be us.

– We wish to leave our mark, be of service and contribute, while we also want to express ourselves, fulfill our own dreams and live fully to our potential.

– We want to be part of the whole, yet stand alone as individuals and be seen as unique. Be pink.

Let’s explore the direction of going inwards  (in part 2 we’ll explore going outward)

Clarification: Some call going inward meditation, however, that word has so many meanings attached to it nowadays so what I mean by going inwards, however yo do that, has no program, no rules and no times attached to it. Just to mention this upfront.

Over the last 20 years I have observed, and not just me, that we as a species are awakening to a new place within ourselves. Humans have grown and changed, and that’s a good thing. Our consciousness, our perception and sense of self has expanded and we are growing. We became more aware of the world around us and our place in it.

As such the consciousness of our inner workings is heightened. Many of us are aware that others feel and desire similarly to us. All these other ‘cows’ strive for the same things, like love and a sense of belonging, or purpose and value. We all have the same needs, physically, mentally and emotionally, and on that level moving towards the same things and these needs function like a global language that ties us together.

And on those new levels of understanding, through that shared language of our common needs, we are connected with ourselves and each all the others. We are linked and entangled on what I call the soul network.

There, we belong together – in this time and space experience – and beyond. Even though we all have different missions, different expressions of ourselves, the overall purpose is to serve the whole, while we also have fun and grow as souls.

And our inner being? It is always there, sitting right there underneath our actions, ready to be looked at, ready to be met.

Therefore going inward, may it be by meditation, by writing in a journal, by walks in nature, by creating a space without distraction, (technology, media or people), by drawing, or listening to nourishing music, etc, is a journey that is rewarded.

We will feel met, and seen, because we took the time to meet and look at ourselves. Being more centered, and clear about who we are, what we’re made off and what we feel are the benefits. We’re still cows and connected to ourselves as a ‘cow’, but we have found our ‘pinkness’, in ourselves. More, we became sensitized and fine tuned to our emotions, our desires and have access to more insights, which would distinguish us from the herd.

“The thing about meditation is:

You become more and more You.” David Lynch


Instead of being focused on action, the gaze inside is a state of being. Nothing that can be made money from, or advance your career. Not in that inner world. However, tuning into ourselves can fuel, guide and clarify our actions and decisions greatly, and therefore enhance that journey in the outer world very much.

So being ourselves is not so much a questions of if we can be ourselves, but if we take the time to  find out, to connect and listen and sit with ourselves to get to know ourselves. When we inquire we receive answers.

And then there is a surprise, a treasure, a special energy that waits for you when we chose that direction.

Because once we tap into ourselves, and connect with our truth, we also tap into the Greater, the soul network I mentioned, the herd, so to speak. And the combined energy of all of us accelerates our sense of peace, power and worth.

We will know our truth, our ‘isness’, our now, and who we truly are faster, clearer, and more beautiful, through the support of billions of energies. I am talking about their consciousness. Which is yours, too. So, we could just call it consciousness.

So by going inwards and connecting with ourselves, we literally connect with everyone adn the common stream of consciousness. We do not only find out about where we, as individuals, currently stand in our life, but what our eternal spirit says, what our soul feels as part of the network. All while we’re still focused in this individual body.

I admit it is a head bender, but isn’t it fascinating and worth exploring?

“It is a journey inward

– never toward, upward or forward.” Jolene Summer

As a suggestion we would close our eyes for a moment and quietly say to ourselves one of the following things:

I see myself.

I am who I am.

I am here.

I am all I need to be.

I have all I need right here.

I know myself.

Read here part 2


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