German Waffle Recipe – Best Breakfast in the World

In our house on Sundays there is a law: It’s either waffles for breakfast, or waffles, or waffles. When I sold waffles professionally in my country cafe I had always a lot of success with them. Here is my very simple recipe…  

But before we get started it is to say, because we’re waffle fanatics, lawbreakers and enforcers in one, we know a thing or two about them.

What iron to use: Yes, you can use a European waffle iron (usually flatter and can’t be rotated, or an american style one. We prefer the American, as it creates fat, crunchy, yet fluffy ones. Ahhhhh…

An honourable mention to savoury waffles: feel free to omit the sugar & vanilla essence in the recipe below, add a bit more salt and melted butter (and Bob’s your uncle). Then add cheese, herbs, small cut/grated vegetables like capsicum, zucchini, carrot, mushroom etc. or other spices like paprika or pepper to the waffle dough. Fry like sweet waffles. If they contain cheese it usually gets a bit crisper than sweet waffles due to more fat content in the waffle.

A savory waffle can be topped with blue cheese and pear, cream cheese and pineapple, or more fried veggies with melted cheese…etc You see? There is no law made AGAINST waffles and since we are the waffle law enforcers – we know.

Regarding of the sweet toppings/flavors: The world of toppings and waffle flavours are a universe for you to rule over. Cocoa waffles, chocolate bits and sauce, caramel sauces, cut fruit and berries, apple sauce, cinnamon sugar, jam, whipped cream, honey, maple syrup, candy… I made a valentine waffle for my daughter, because she wanted me to – it had whipped cream and candy on it (and now forget the that I just said that).

Waffles are the ultimate mothers sacrifice, because one can’t sit down with the family. /why not? If I was to make all 7 waffles ahead, they get limp and soft, and that is a crime. So I stand on Sundays at the counter and bake waffles for everyone else. Because I am awesome, and because waffles are, too.

let’s get started…

Waffle Recipe, which is German, because I’m German and you got this recipe from me

makes 6-8 waffles, takes only 3 minutes prep, baking time per waffle 2-3 minutes

1. Prep all the toppings if they need time, like thawing berries, grate chocolate

3. Start with a blender and add 750 ml milk, 3 eggs, 2 tsp vanilla essence/extract, and a 40 g blob of butter (or use 40 ml vegetable oil, but I am not a fan of it for health and ethical reasons).

And sure, use a hand mixer /stick blender or hand whisk if you don’t own a blender, but then I recommend to melt the butter in an extra pot over the stove.

4. Add 2-4 tbsp/ a small handful sugar (however much you like), or liquid stevia drops, honey, or omit all together. Waffles don’t actually need sugar.

5. Then add a pinch of salt and 2 1/2 cups of self-raising all-purpose flour (flour with baking powder in it, or make yourself by mixing 2 c all-purpose flour with 3 tsp baking powder & ¼ teaspoon salt). Blend well.

6. Start the waffle iron and after it heated up sufficiently spray both surfaces with rice bran oil spray (or similar). Coconut oil or butter will do too.

7. For American waffle iron: Pour batter into the bottom surface of the waffle iron as a blob in the centre and let it spread out or use a wooden spoon, but don’t spread until the edge, close it, wait 5-10 seconds, then tip over the other side and bake until done. 1.5 min for soft, 2-3 minutes for crispy waffles.

For flatter European waffle iron pour little batter on oiled surface and bake for 1-2 minutes.

8. Serve immediately with any toppings of your choosing, and enjoy


a. Any batter not used will last in the fridge for another 2-3 days. It will thicken up and needs simply a bit milk or water to liquefy batter a tad

b. If the batter stands for a while it also will thicken up, so check on consistency before pouring. If too think it won’t spread in the iron, if too thin it will spread too fast and flow over the rim while baking. Best consistency is a slow and steady flow of the batter.

c. This recipe makes a great pancake batter as well


Hey, thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a lovely day, Jolene

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