Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts

I wrote this short story for my daughter many years go…  

Early one morning, the rooster had not yet found its crow, a girl, seven years young, woke and where there just yesterday had been a floor next to her bed, there now grew a tree. The massive tree and its roots took up all the space in her room and when she stared up its trunk, it reached high, through the roof, straight up into the sky.

She rubbed her eyes but it did not help. The tree was still there. Where did it come from and where did it go? It was not a normal tree, you see. And our girl knew this straight away. So she grabbed her teddy bear and in her night gown she began climbing. Higher and higher, leaving the roof of her house behind, then her street and then the city. Still higher she scrambled into the early morning sky where no birds yet sang.

When she reached the clouds, a rising sun greeted her, bouncing her light off the clouds and feeding the little girl joy for breakfast. But the tree grew further and the girl, strangely enough, was not tired so she kept climbing. Soon she had climbed far into the universe where she noticed the tree bent its branches in a lot of different directions.

Since the leaves hid the view she needed to scrabble further and one branch off to the right appeared particularly strong, so she got curious where it might lead. She rose onto her toes and balanced along the branch when suddenly a thousand stars greeted her. The colours of the stars made her heart so light she started to sing and the universe listened, loving her melody, so it decided to give her something in return.

A star, a bright red one, approached her slowly so not to scare her. ‘We love your voice, how beautiful you sing,’ the star praised her. The girl got startled a bit and almost fell. ‘Oh, please don’t stop,’ the star asked, ‘we enjoy your singing so much. It makes our work much easier.’ The girl was surprised by the stars words. ‘What is your work,’ she asked and the red star answered. ‘Would you like to see with your own eyes?’

‘Oh yes,’ the girl wanted that very much. So the red star took the girl on her back and they rode across the skies. The star showed her planets, galaxies and the most extraordinary creatures on other stars creating those planets and wonders.

‘How are you all doing this?’ The girl asked with wide eyes. ‘With the love in our hearts, and the light in our thoughts,’ was the answer. ‘Can I do this, too?’ ‘Yes, of course. You have done it many times. Don’t you remember?’

‘No. I mean, yes. Now I seem to remember. But it was a long time ago, before I went to Earth.’

‘That is true,’ the red star replied. ‘And now that you have seen what I do for my work, what would you like to do next?’

The girl thought about it. ‘Maybe I could create a baby star, a little golden one?’ ‘Oh, what a fabulous idea,’ the red star replied. ‘I know just the right spot for it.’

They flew to a far corner of the galaxy and there on a blue crystal planet the star let the girl gently down. ‘For many thousand years this planet wanted a sister and you might just have the answer for it.’

The planet rumbled under her feet, pulsing blue lights through her feet and the girl understood. She was indeed to create a golden sister for this blue planet. The girl gathered all the love in her heart and the light in her thoughts, and did not think about anything else but her golden planet, and how shiny and wonderful it would be once born.

When she opened her eyes, there sparkled a tiny speck in front of her nose. ‘Oh, this is not a very big planet,’ the girl said disappointed. ‘I am not very good at this.’

‘Oh, but this little planet comes from your love and that’s all it needs to grow into a large one,’ the red star taught her.

‘So, what do I need to do now,’ asked the girl.

The red star only shook her head. ‘You have created everything already. Now it is up to this golden planet to become what it desires to be. Just let it go and let it find its own place in the universe.’

The girl nodded. The golden speck had all it needed and the blue planet would take good care of its newborn sister.

‘Go, tiny planet and shine as bright as you wish,’ she said and with those words the golden speck circled three times around the girls head before it whooshed away to place itself next to the blue planet. And there it grew and grew and soon had golden lakes and sparkling trees to delight its big blue sister.

The blue planet rumbled once more to say ‘thank you’ and then it was time to leave this place. The girl did not feel as small anymore, not after creating such a lovely golden planet, and was very content with her own work.

She studied the skies and discovered planet Earth from where she had come. It felt like it had been a long time since she climbed the tree to meet the red star. ‘How peculiar it looks from so far,’ she said and the red star agreed. ‘Strange people live there.’

She studied the skies and discovered planet Earth from where she had come. It felt like it had been a long time since she climbed the tree to meet the red star. ‘How peculiar it looks from so far,’ she said and the red star agreed. ‘Strange people live there.’

‘Yes,’ the girl said, ‘and sometimes they are not very nice to the planet, or each other. Don’t they know how beautiful the world is? Why are they not friendlier?’

The red star nodded sadly. ‘They have forgotten the love in their heart and the light in their thoughts.’ That answer brought a tear to the girl’s eyes. ‘I tried to help,’ she remembered. ‘I really did, but they do not want to listen.’ ‘Maybe we can ask the council if you can try once more?’ The red star suggested, understanding how important that planet was for the little girl.

She smiled and looked upon the distant planet, and then turned her head to the skies. ‘Can I go? Can I go back again and bring light to some of those curious creatures down there? I know now how to create from love, and I could show them.’

The earth’s council appeared in front of the little girl. Majestic creatures towered above her head, when one mighty woman spoke. ‘Many helpers are leaving for earth right now and you can be one of them. The one important rule is to stay connected to your heart and our love, so you don’t forget who you are. Earth is good in making you forget, you know?’

The girl understood. Just like earth had made her forget that she had created stars and planets before, it could make her forget that she was a creator. She would come in love and help as much as she could to let the people on Earth remember who they were.

The girl said good bye to her friend, the red star, who laughed. ‘I will see you in a little while.’

Then the council wrapped her tiny body in their light to turn into a bright sphere, which would allow her to fall back onto Earth. After a rather long drop, the sphere fell into a snow hill near a lit hut where a lonely woman stood at her window.

Quickly she ran out into the snow to see what light had dropped into her garden, when the girl stepped forward. The woman and the girl looked at each other and smiled.

Her mother welcomed her and asked: ‘Are you my daughter?’

And the girl answered, ‘Yes, I am.’

Source: Short story: The Girl with Light in her Thoughts


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