Poem: Greatness amidst the Ashes

Let me be a newborn again.

I am ready.

I want to conquer the world,

Desire new eyes and a canvas

Fresh, to be painted when

Darkness awaits me

bestowing glorious light.

Where all wise ones are with me,

And finders have walked this path.

I could be free, loving these chains…  

But that mind is lost in the thicket of lies.

How can I allow myself to be innocent?

Yet change lingers on the horizon,

messengers of fire own the air.

So I refuse to give this world my dignity.

Not giving up on life nor death,

no part of myself shall be denied their love.

Having chosen my door,

I won’t look back.

My freedom lies in the strength to trust.

All heavens are with me,

And their powers carry me far.

When I let go of the harbour of my old ways,

I throw myself into this universe.

One step and I am new.

A new breath, new life, a moment.

This pain is different,

this excitement unknown.

A dream of a dragon, a fire that’s mine:

Life has been given,

the birth to a god upon me.

Greatness amidst the ashes

and I shall believe again.

I can feel the powers, see myself growing tall,

And light in my veins

keeps my heart drumming.

My body a place of prayer,

and my being worships life.

Unimaginable worlds are all my children,

my home, and I am their great mother.

I am everything I always longed to be,

I am that and more.

Source: Poem: Greatness amidst the Ashes


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