To be a Writer…

The writers life is not a choice! It is a must, beyond a life style, a passion that drives life on for anyone who ever understood that words are alive, and ideas the countries we live in…

Sometimes I do not write for weeks, months or even years at the time but when the demons are after me there is no salvation: novels need to be written, poems cited and hard thoughts be thought.

Contemplation, solitude, and inspiration are all necessary for that strange room we writers need to enter to be able to draw from the ether, to hear what needs to be said, what we need to write down with our blood.

Writing in company is certainly possible, but to reach into the depth of despair and wisdom and to come forth with the treasure of insight, and foreign ideas, needs usually to be done alone.

We Writers are inspired by our suffering, which brings us to the necessary solitude to contemplate. So why complain?


Hey, thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a lovely day, Jolene

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